Consultancy - Delivering Solutions

Whilst service excellence enhances Customer retention, total claim costs impact bottom line and feed into renewal premium costs. Whatever challenges you face, whether processes, systems, suppliers or people, whether strategic or tactical, we are a team of professionals with unrivalled experience and expertise dedicated to helping you deliver practical solutions.

We appreciate that the immediacy or pressures of day to day operational challenges often make it difficult for you to properly address what matters to you most. We are happy to discuss your priorities and needs in confidence to design and deliver a solution that supports your strategy and objectives. Projects we can undertake include:

  • Service and claim cost (spend) analysis v. strategic objectives/SLAs
  • Strategic review of “end to end” claims function and/or of specific or specialist parts, e.g. Subsidence, Fraud, Recoveries
  • Triage process review
  • Surge and trauma claims response review
  • Suppliers/Supply chain - pre-contract review and assistance with selection
  • Suppliers/Supply chain - service delivery and/or claim cost control
  • Specialist services and providers, e.g. Damage Management, Contractors, Subsidence, Fraud, Legal
  • Systems/Software solutions
  • Training/HR
  • Building new solutions to fit your objectives
  • Relationship Management and CRM Services

We also see benefit from and are able to work with Suppliers to Insurers. Many fail to realise the importance of financial as well as operational strength. We can assist in optimising effectiveness and efficiency in line with contract requirements:

  • Client contract requirements, e.g. service and claim cost KPIs
  • Contract and/or process optimisation – secure contract, minimise cost and maximise profit
  • Business assurance and FSA compliance
  • Building business development tools and client management programmes

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